Virtual Lessons

1 hour long | Inquire for pricing

We will work on a combination of Lunge Work, Work In-Hand and Riding Techniques that best suit the needs for you and your horse.  I will watch you and your horse interact and come up with a plan for what you both need to improve upon – building a program for the two of you to work on in between our sessions.  As you follow the lesson plan and protocol, during each session; balance, behavior and body language will improve, we lay down the necessary foundation that you and your horse need so you can enjoy your time together, making progress every day. 

Tools recommended for virtual lessons:
(Not required, but helpful)

  • A Pivo or Pixio
  • Tripod with attachment for phone/tablet
  • Smartphone or Tablet
  • Video call platform (FaceTime, Zoom, etc.)
  • A bluetooth earpiece with good range

If you have any questions about these tools and their uses, or are concerned about acquiring them – please reach out!

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