Balance & Straightness Training

All horses are born with a crookedness. To improve their rhythm, biomechanics, behavior, balance and cooperation, they need to be educated. Classical training can improve their obedience, reliability and flexibility. It ensures that the horse has a solid foundation, benefits horses in many disciplines, teaches correct movement, improves connection and communication that helps you and your horse to be more attune with each other, becoming dance partners.

Ground Work Work In Hand

Educating ourselves and our horses using ground work and work in hand develops a deeper connection.

Whether it is rehabbing an injured horse, teaching a foal to lead, perfecting your Piaffe or limbering up an older horse. All horses benefit from classical principles of this artful communication in hand.

Marques MC

Starting Young Horses

Starting a young horse is a journey that is extremely important to set the stage for the rest of the horse’s life. We adhere to classical principles to establish a solid, straight, well balanced horse. Starting with the circle, we provide a traditional approach that the horse understands, developing a well educated, sound riding partner.

Let’s build a strong topline and a straight, well behaved, balanced horse together.

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