Alivio Training Programs

We offer a range of training services built to the needs of you and your horse to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can evaluate you and your horse to provide which training program best suits your needs and tell you more about our fees.

Before vs. After

Straightness & Balance

All horses are born with a crookedness. To improve their rhythm, biomechanics, behavior, balance and cooperation, they need to be educated. Classical training can improve their obedience, reliability and flexibility. It ensures that the horse has a solid foundation to build upon.

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Starting Young Horses

Starting a young horse is a journey that is extremely important to set the stage for the rest of the horse’s life. Adhering to classical principles to establish a solid, straight, well balanced horse. Starting on the circle, we provide a traditional training model that the horses understand, developing a well educated, sound riding partner.

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Rehabilitation from Layups

Indulge in classical training sessions and feel the beneficial results of improving your horses balance, movement and behavior. Recommended for:

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Solutions for ‘Problem’ Horses

Classical Training benefits horses in many disciplines by teaching correct movement and improving rider to horse connection and communication that helps you and your horse to be more attune with each other. Like dance partners.

Educating ourselves and our horses using ground work and work in hand develops a deeper connection. 

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Let’s build a strong topline and a straight, well behaved, balanced horse together.

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