Making Good Choices!

Spring is in the AIR! New Life Begins…..

As you hear the birds chirp, see the flowering trees swaying in the breeze and smell the freshness in the air, your soul comes alive!

The wonderful gifts of nature that surround us. The Spirit and Soul of the Earth are alive. Nature abounds in her beauty with the sound of spring peepers, toads chirping, birds singing, turkeys gobbling off in the distance. Its such a blessing to be so fortunate to live on a farm, surrounded by nature and horses. I give thanks every day for the opportunity to live this life. People have lost touch of the essence of breathing fresh air and the healing powers of nature in this fast paced world we live in. Movie theaters, restaurants, shopping and public gatherings have taken the place of nature and her remedies. Sometimes, I feel like an alien in this world because I do not engage in unnecessary material things. Give me my horses and an arena and I am at peace. It allows me to dig deeper into my soul and challenge my knowledge, transforming the body of the horse, like fine art, into a well balanced being. Bringing forth a Love that transcends all dimensions connecting with the soul of the horse.

Training horses is an Art. It is alive, breathing, thinking, moving, observing each other in a delicate dance of body language and intention. When our intentions are good, our creation blooms.

Although horsemanship is learned over a lifetime of study, once you learn the essence of the very basic principles, you can create a partnership that lasts a lifetime. You can even be separated from the horse, come back many years later and they will remember you. This is the most amazing feeling ever.

As a professional horse trainer, adhering to the art of horsemanship, not compromising to the chasing after names, ribbons, fame and glory, etc. I have spent many years teaching all types of horses and riders. Those who want to show, those who want to build confidence back, those starting over after many years, fresh newbies from the age of 4, and all other types. Each person has come to learn the art of riding. This style is not for all riders, but it is for all horses. I have not yet met a horse that I have not transformed their life for the better. Whether the owners admit it or not, I have made all of the horses that have come to me for training BETTER! Sounder, saner, happier, more connected, balanced and so much more. If more people would slow down and be more curious about how to better educate themselves and their horses, we would have a much happier horse on our hands. It starts with putting on the halter and from that point on, how we educate them to dance with us. There is a huge gap in horsemanship, just like the generation gap of quality trainers. The Greats, such as Nuno Oliveira, only had a few real true long term students to pass on his knowledge. Now we deal with fads, quick fixes, complicated bits, nosebands, gadgets, training contraptions that only make the horse worse. I come from a school of thought in which less is more. And by all means, IT IS!

Be aware who you allow to put their hands on your horse. It should be similar to who you would let educate your child. Once the damage is done, it is always going to be there. Sometimes, it never goes away. Start them the correct way and you have the most amazing partner for life.

That is our mission here. Educate, create, and connect for life.

Published by Alivio Equestrian Academy

Dedicated to Preserving the Art of Horsemanship

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