Horses and Daily Life

As we move through our daily routines, its interesting to think that all of us domesticated creatures crave routine. The soul craves routine and loves to be good at it. My routine consists of waking up, making my tea or coffee, putting on my clothes to go out in the cold and begin the morning soulful journey of:

Being greeted by my barn cats, Jasper and Calcifer as I walk out the door. Then letting out the hens who provide the most delicious eggs for us to enjoy. Feeding and watering the hens. Then off to the barn. As all my horses wait patiently at the fence line and either nicker to me, paw at the ground or wait patiently for their expected morning breakfast and daily connection and attention. Those who will work, come in for their daily training, others need to be fed separately, to ensure they get what they need nutritionally.

As I enter the barn, I begin to set up their feed and get hay down, feed the cats and begin the process of feeding. Everyone happy and healthy to get their food and time with me and my students.

It’s interesting how each of the horses will beg to be a part of the training horses. If you mentally or telepathically tell a horse you will get to them that day, you had better follow through, as they will stare me down and let me know that I am letting them down if I do not stick with my commitment. It is amazing how they know. Unspoken words but intention are what they respond to.

This goes back to my point of the Soul and how it craves routine. These souls crave routine and connection. The gift of the horse is that it wants to connect with you as long as you make an effort to connect with it and give it proper guidance in your training approach. If you stimulate the right muscles and build the body into a balanced, resistant free, fluid moving entity, the being of the horse comes alive even more. As I honor their needs and listen to their struggles, working on solutions to give them the answers to work through their physical blockages and mental resistances, they come alive and the brilliance of their mind and body connect and they flourish. This gives them the ability to make better choices with their body and reactions and gives them the tools to work through difficult things. It is amazing to watch them come alive and see their soul shine with their understanding of our connection and desire to make things better for them.

As the human soul, there are many parallels, we crave routine! The soul needs to be nurtured! It needs nourishment, exercise and a safe place. I am so fortunate that I have become this safe place for these horses, whether I have raised them, saved them, trained them, rehabilitated them, they look to me daily as their lead herd mate with respect and honor. They know I honor them daily, even when I have to set boundaries, we still come to terms with one another and find a safe space for us to work together.

Well, if there is one thing I know the horses have taught me, it is:

Be in the moment. There is no time to text, or talk on the phone. They need our connection and presence. Just like our children do or our partners. Or our family members, siblings, friends……

Learn to “Be in the Moment!”

Honor your time with the ones you love!

Honor the time with your soul, the horses soul, your child’s soul, your partner’s soul…..

Do not miss the opportunity! Life is short and these are the moments that lift our soul to connect with spirit!

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