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We offer a variety of educational opportunities which improve our connection and lives with horses.

Booking dates for 2021

New York Clinic


Available for clinics at your farm

Prices start at $100 per hour/travel time not included

Email for details


Furthering your education?

Would you like to know more about: Work In Hand, Long Lining, Creating Balance and Rhythm on the Lunge, How to Improve your connection with your horse on the ground and in the saddle.

Prices start at $85

On Line Classes

On Line Classes providing solutions and explanations giving you tools to walk away with and better understand the horse. Whether its balance, rhythm, biomechanics, work in hand, lunge work, riding, aids, and the list goes on. 30 plus years of high level riding and caring for horses. The knowledge is endless.

Feedback is always encouraged. Pick a topic and we can indulge in it.

Classroom type setting

Prices start at $50 – $70 per person

Ask for much, be content with little, reward often….


Book a Clinic

Teaching feel through balance and connection. Classical Principles are for all horses and all disciplines. Book a Clinic with Tina Legno and get the results you are looking for to improve every aspect of your horses life and your connection on the ground and in the saddle. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to grow and continue to improve.

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On Line Classes

Great for everyone to gather online learn more about a precise topic.

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