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Alivio Enters 2020

As we embark on a new year, and enjoy the gifts of the lovely horses that surround us here on our lovely farm, I would like to take a moment to give thanks!
As a lifetime journey with horses and pursuing riding as an art form, I have learned so much. Not only is riding an art, but caring for horses, leading horses, breeding, teaching and every day life is an art.
The gift that horses bring us in our daily life is that they teach us to live in the moment, slow down and focus.
In this day of modern technology, we move too fast, we lack connection, we do not reflect on the beauty that is around us. We need to slow down and embrace life!

It goes by way too fast and thank goodness for horses. They have the innate ability to reach our soul. Bring us to our center. Look deep within ourselves and see their connection with us through their eye, which is like a mirror to our soul.

Enjoy my Blog,
Enjoy my website,
Enjoy this amazing work that keeps us Real and Connects us to the gifts of the Horse!

~~~~~~~~~~~Throwback ~ Thursday~~~~~~~~~~~

As I was in the barn this morning cleaning stalls for the 40th plus year of my life, I started to reflect on the years that have passed, dedicating my life to the “Art of Horsemanship.” Honestly, I have to say, there is something very Zen-like when your cleaning stalls. It’s another form of “Art”Continue reading “~~~~~~~~~~~Throwback ~ Thursday~~~~~~~~~~~”

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