Tina Legno has devoted her life to the preservation of the art of horsemanship. She began her life with horses at the age of 5 at her parents small horse farm in Western New York. She pursued her education from every reputable trainer, clinician and horseman, that she could, always searching for answers to improve her riding connections and her horses performance. From dressage, to eventing, to show jumping. Riding with Olympic trainers and famous dressage instructors.

Tina started her own teaching and training business in 1993. She has bred, raised and trained numerous horses using Classical Principles from the beginning stages of handling to Grand Prix movements to Haute Ecole. Improving the balance and lives of every horse that came to her, whether it was behavior, balance, soundness, trust, you name it, she has improved it while educating the owner providing the details to maintain it.

In 1995, Tina began using Classical Dressage Principles, from the teachings of Nuno Oliveira. Studying under Bettina Drummond for several years, forming her as a rider and trainer, she continues her teaching and training methods in the classical manner.

Tina teaches clinics in numerous states as well as abroad. Tina has incorporated her classical background into may aspects of her training approach with horses from body work , leading correctly, to High School movements. Tina has an innate ability to read the horse and is an expert of equine and rider biomechanics, how to improve behavior, balance, connection and the well being of horses. She currently breeds Lusitanos and Spanish Horses for sale and herself and offers her Pure Lusitano colt for breeding.

Interesting Fact about Tina. In 2008 at a Schleese saddle fitting in Folsom, La. Tina went with one of her clients to refit a saddle on a horse she had been training. After Jochen Schleese did the specs on the horses back he went inside his trailer, a few minutes later, he came out and asked what have we done with this horse? My client proceeded to tell him I had been working with him building up his topline. Jochen said he had goosebumps! He had never seen a horses back develop so much in such a short period of time. It changed 2-3″. Impressive! He said he would send any horse to Tina that needed balance work!

Tina Legno

Founder and Owner of Alivio LLC

Started her love of horses at 5. Avid Pony Clubber from age 9 up to C-3 at 15 Junior Jumpers completing 5′ 6″ courses at 16 Evented from age 9-18 through Training Level Competed at Dressage up to Second Level at 15 the list goes on.

Her love of horses and searching or a better more correct way to train led her to the Classical World back in 1995 where she started riding with Linda LeGrand, a student of Nuno Oliveira’s and then beggan studying under Bettina Drummond in 1998, who was formed under the teaching of Nuno Oliveira.

Versatility & Field Experience

A well balanced, trained horse will succeed in any discipline.

With a life time of experience growing up with horses, competing in various disciplines, caring for numerous horses, breeds, ages, breeding, boarding, training, body work, and so much more. Tina is like the horses voice who will enhance every aspect of their life from nutrition to the arena because of her life time experience and holistic approach. The horses that pass through thrive on all aspects.

A Lifetime with Horses

Devoted to the well being of our equine friends

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