~~~~~~~~~~~Throwback ~ Thursday~~~~~~~~~~~

As I was in the barn this morning cleaning stalls for the 40th plus year of my life, I started to reflect on the years that have passed, dedicating my life to the “Art of Horsemanship.” Honestly, I have to say, there is something very Zen-like when your cleaning stalls. It’s another form of “Art”Continue reading “~~~~~~~~~~~Throwback ~ Thursday~~~~~~~~~~~”

Making Good Choices!

As you hear the birds chirp, see the flowering trees swaying in the breeze and smell the freshness in the air, your soul comes alive! The wonderful gifts of nature that surround us. The Spirit and Soul of the Earth are alive. Nature abounds in her beauty with the sound of spring peepers, toads chirping,Continue reading “Making Good Choices!”

Horses and Daily Life

As we move through our daily routines, its interesting to think that all of us domesticated creatures crave routine. The soul craves routine and loves to be good at it. My routine consists of waking up, making my tea or coffee, putting on my clothes to go out in the cold and begin the morningContinue reading “Horses and Daily Life”