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Meet our lovely Iberians, feel true classicism, embark on equestrian traditions and learn how to connect soulfully. Experience true classicism and experience your journey with us, we will take care of the rest.


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Tina Legno has spent a lifetime with horses and pursuing the art of horsemanship for over 25 years. She can assist you on your equestrian journey and you will be inspired and always fueling your education!

Dedicated to preserving the Art of Horsemanship

Training ~ Virtual Instruction ~ On Line Classes

We have many options to choose from. Choose what works best for you and we will enjoy the journey together.

Virtual Instruction & Training

A great opportunity to get the education and guidance virtually for you and your horse. This is a great way to build and improve your riding wherever you are.

Freedom Sessions

Freedom Sessions

Come spend some quality time on the ground with our highly trained horses. Empower yourself and learn the benefits of connection and body language.

No experience necessary.

Rehabilitation Training

Training Sessions to improve balance and behavior

  • Straightness & Balance Training
  • Starting Young Horses
  • Upgrade Your Horse to the next Level
  • Rehabilitation from layups
  • Finishing Horses
  • Solutions for Problem Horses

Indulge in classical training and feel the beneficial results by improving your horses balance, movement and behavior.

We have the solutions for you and your horse where ever you live!

Virtual Instruction ~ Ship Ins ~ Clinics

We Have On Line Classes Too!!

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